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  • Aorus Z790 X Motherboard Refresh - Fast Track to Gen X
  • Aorus Z790 X Motherboard Refresh - Fast Track to Gen X


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 34:34

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    Originally recorded September 2023

    Show Notes

    In any given year there are two major shows that Hardware Asylum will attend, CES in Las Vegas and Computex in Taipei Taiwan.  Sadly, we were unable to attend Computex 2023 and CES 2023 was a little underwhelming when compared to previous years. 

    However, our spirits were lifted with our exclusive invite to the Aorus Z790 X Media event which showcased the exciting Z790 motherboard refresh and marked a series of major technology enhancements across their line of “X” motherboards which are a substantial upgrade to their existing product line to include new features such as WiFi 7 and include new technology for substantial improvements in memory speed and overclocking. 

    In this episode the duo discusses the highlights from the Media event while diving into the new motherboard features, usability updates and even visual enhancements like the pure white PCB found on the Aorus Z790 Pro X.

    Some of the most important features include

    • Fast OC Capabilities
    • DDR5 8266+ & Memory Shielding + Direct Contact
    • HWInfo Memory and BIOS Tuning
    • EZ-Latch for M.2 Slot, M.2 Heatsink, PCIe Slot Release
    • WiFi 7

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