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  • Challenges when Streaming Retro PCs and the Ease of Building a Modern One
  • Challenges when Streaming Retro PCs and the Ease of Building a Modern One


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 36:18

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    Originally recorded November 2023

    Show Notes

    When gamers decide to stream, they generally download some software like OBS, do some basic configuration, fire up their game and away they go.  This can be done due to the power of a modern gaming PC and that everything is on the same machine.  Streaming a gaming console requires a few additional steps but is pretty much plug and play given the standard configuration of a gaming console.

    Things get a little different when you start to stray from the expected norm.  A good example is when a gamer wants to stream a retro game.  Your typical twitch streamer will attempt to run the retro game in an emulator or find a remastered edition just to make the process easy.  However, the challenges come when a streamer wants to share a retro game being played on retro hardware.  In this instance the computer is not fast enough to run OBS and the outputs are not standard enough to treat it like a game console. So, what do you do??

    In this first segment Dennis talks about the challenges associated with streaming games from retro PCs and how many different devices are required just to create set of inputs that the dedicated streaming PC will need to broadcast to twitch.

    For this project we used the following hardware

    • Custom Pentium III Computer
    • Custom Streaming PC
    • Atlona AT-HD-SC-500 HDMI Signal Scaler
    • HDMI Signal Splitter
    • Focusrite 8i6 Audio Interface
    • Rode Procaster XLR Microphone
    • Awesome Headphones

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    Building a Modern Gaming PC
    In this segment Dennis talks about a custom build he has been working on.  While this is not a new adventure the formula has changed making the process more of an assembly over a custom build.  The new machine is using the Lian Li 011 chassis combined with ASUS ROG Hardware and EK Watercooling gear.  These three companies have partnered together to create a combined ecosystem that simply requires the user to buy the appropriate parts and put them together.  This process does remove some of the fun of creating a custom build but, makes it stupid easy for the modern lazy system builder who only knows what they learn from a step-by-step YouTube video.

    The build

    • Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL ROG Edition
    • ASUS Maximus Z790 Apex
    • Intel Core i9 13900K
    • ASUS Strix RTX 4090 OC
    • GSKill Trident Z DDR5
    • Patriot VP4300 NVMe SSD
    • EK Quantum Reflection 2 Distribution Plate with D5 Pump
    • EK Quantum Velocity 2 LGA 1700 Waterblock
    • EK Quantum Vector 2 Strix RTX 4090 Waterblock
    • EK Quantum Torque Satin Fittings
    • 2x EK Quantum Surface S360 Radiators
    • Thermaltake 1000w PSU

    Overall, I think it turned out pretty nice

    Episode 154 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)