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  • What Makes NVIDIA Such an Interesting Company
  • What Makes NVIDIA Such an Interesting Company


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 33:12

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    Originally recorded May 2024

    Show Notes

    As hardware reviewers it is not uncommon for people to ask us about building computers or even recommending specific hardware configurations for existing systems.  What becomes strange is when we are asked to explain why certain tech companies are making headlines, for instance why is NVIDIA in the news.

    Of course, there are a number of reasons why companies make the headlines.  Certain news outlets and tech blogs have been known to sensationalize topics just to attract readers while other, more reputable outlets, will dive into a specific topic.  Both of these options can fuel interest however it gets interesting when a tech company makes headlines for something they did and how it can impact something completely different.   This happens quite often with NVIDIA, mostly in relation to their stock price.

    (NVDA) or Nvidia is a very interesting stock that has grown over a 100% in recent years due to a variety of different factors.  During the Crypto days the stock was rising due to a crypto-craze with market traders due to unheard of sales of GPUs and product shortages due to excessive demand.  Interestingly enough, the stock crashed when Crypto crashed but, recovered shortly after due to the launch of ChatGPT and the AI revolution.

    For the longest time NVIDIA was the only major player in the AI space and since then both Intel and AMD have announced their AI chip solutions.  This caused a minor dip in the stock price, which recovered quickly once investors finally figured out that simply announcing a solution didn’t mean there would be any dilution in the market space.  Simply put, NVIDIA is years ahead of the competition and is not only establishing benchmarks but has the technology to fully support “their” vision for what AI hardware should look like.

    Right now, we are still in the wild west with AI.  Companies are working hard to establish LLM (Large Language Models) and are often often limited by the scale of established hardware solutions.  The NVIDIA Blackwell system promises to be a scalable data center solution that will likely be sold as a “AI Service” which can enable further development, be continually upgraded and expanded and be a huge revenue stream for NVIDIA going forward.

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    Episode 159 featured music:
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