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  • Computex Predictions Revisited
  • Computex Predictions Revisited


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 23:59

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    Originally recorded June 2015

    Show Notes

    Computex 2015
    Computex is an annual trek for Dennis and is something he has been doing for the past 13 years having only missed two shows during that timespan.  While Computex may have changed over the years there are things you expect to see along with some stuff that just happens.

    NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti
    For once NVidia has launched a new GPU at Computex and gave many of their board vendors time to create their own special versions.  Just about every vendor had a GTX 980 Ti on display including ASUS, ZOTAC, MSI, Gigabyte, GALAX and EVGA and of these Dennis was most impressed with the EVGA 980 Ti Classified and KPE.  They are both using the proven EVGA Classified board design and should do quite well in the gaming and overclocking rigs.

    Speaking of EVGA, Dennis and Darren both go to handle a EVGA GTX 980 Ti SC (super clock) edition card that is based on the NVIDIA reference design and matched with the ACX 2.0 cooler and EVGA backplate.

    Skylake Motherboards and Godlike
    Just about every motherboard vendor had Z170 motherboards on display and covered every aspect of the market from the bottom dollar industrial OEM PC market to the ultra high end gaming segments.  While Gigabyte was showing off their Z170 G1 Gaming motherboard our friends at MSI were showing of the X99 Godlike with its ultra high end feature package and multi colored LEDs that are controlled from any smart phone.

    This sort of control is only the beginning.  Eventually we will have ROG Connect on a mobile device which would remove the need to access the BIOS ever again.

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