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    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 27:29

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    Originally recorded April 2016

    Show Notes

    Everyone consumes media differently and while the days of the film camera are mostly gone there are some users who still prefer physical copies of their movies and music.  Thing is they are left with a very limited number of opportunities to consume that media and is why digital consumption has become so popular.  Digital can be cloud services like Netflix and Pandora or a more homegrown approach of ripping the content from a physical copy and storing it in a digital library.

    PLEX is an excellent compliment to any digital library in that it allows users to quickly find the media they are looking for and stream it to any compatible device including Home Theater PCs, Tablets, Phones, Computers and friends over the Internet.

    In this episode Dennis and Darren talk about their experiences using the PLEX Smart Media Server and how it has integrated into their individual ecosystems.  For instance Darren uses PLEX to stream music and movies to mobile devices and also allows him to share photo albums with family members all over the world.  Dennis on the other hand uses PLEX to compliment his large collection of physical media and allows him to stream older titles that were not part of an existing Digital Copy.  While

    PLEX is a subscription based service that starts at $4.99 a month or can be bought yearly for $39.99.  Assuming PLEX is the right server for you a Lifetime membership can save you money in the long run at $149.99.

    Of course with the Plex Pass you get access to additional features:
    - Trailers & Extras
    - Mobile Sync
    - Camera Upload
    - Cloud Sync
    - Gracenote Music Magic
    - Vevo Music Videos
    - Plex Home
    - Early Access
    - Free Apps

    Many of these features are a must for any PLEX admin as they not only enhance the user experience but also allow you control over who consumes your media and where it is being sent. 

    PLEX may not be for everyone and while this podcast episode doesn’t touch on every feature of PLEX you certainly owe it to yourself to install the server and give it a try. 

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    Episode 63 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)