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  • Battlefield 1 Beta First Play and Impressions
  • Battlefield 1 Beta First Play and Impressions

    Show Notes

    This episode is a little different from what we have done in the past and if people like the concept we’ll do a few more.  Our idea was to find a way to record a Podcast but make it more YouTube friendly.  What better way than to play a game and talk about stuff.

    For our first test Darren thought it would be fun to have Dennis sit down in front of Battlefield 1 Beta "Cold" and record his reactions to both the game and how well he could actually play.  Given that Dennis hasn’t played any Battlefield game since Bad Company 2 it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    The video was captured on an Avermedia card installed in the Podcast Machine.  An HDMI signal was split between a primary monitor and the Avermedia card so that we could capture gameplay audio and overlay that with podcast audio.  Everything was then mixed using OBS and recorded to a .FLV file. 

    There were some issues with the capture.  The first was game resolution and was an oversight when configuring OBS.  Audio was also a bit on the low side and is a product of our dynamic microphone signal needing some post processing.  That is usually something we do in post but wasn't possiable with the game audio.

    There are two sections to this video.  The first is the gameplay and voiceover which is about 15min.  After that we finished the episode how we normally do with straight audio.  In post I included some gameplay that was missing an audio track just to give everyone something to watch. 

    Overall I think it turned out really good despite half of the screen being cut off and the gameplay audio being somewhat low.  Let us know what you think. happy smile