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  • Highlights from CES 2017 with Special Guests
  • Highlights from CES 2017 with Special Guests


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia, Rob Williams and Greg King
    Time: 27:46

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    Originally recorded January 2017

    Show Notes

    CES is full of trends, some trends actually become ways to make our lives better while others are the hardware equivalent of “Me Too Iguana”.  In this episode we talk about some of the cooler things we saw at CES that, frankly, doesn’t involve RGB LEDS and Tempered Glass.

    Seriously though had there not been a continual theme of IoT (Internet of Things) you would think the future of 2017 is all RGB lights on motherboards and tempered glass side panels for that extra bit of bling in your PC builds.

    We talked about several things from the importance of the Gigabyte Aorus Launch, ASUS 200 series overclocking, OLED Televisions and what Samsung is doing with their IoT implementations.  Of course that doesn’t encompass the entire show.

    Towards the end of the podcast I ask everyone what technology or product do you feel will be a game changer for the rest of the year.  The results might surprise you.

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