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  • Pitfalls of Playing Early Access Games
  • Pitfalls of Playing Early Access Games


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 31:35

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    Originally recorded April 2017

    Show Notes

    Why “early access?” 

    Well, certain game developers need to raise capitol so they can afford to continue developing content.  The idea is that many of the bugs have been worked out but they want to get feedback from real players so they can get an idea as to what needs to be added/removed/changed.  By offering the game as early access they can allow players into the game and do a whole bunch of testing while still developing. 

    Unfortunately, in this model you have to deal with playing an unfinished game that can change on a weekly basis and may even wipe out your progress.  You also get to suffer with balance issues because many developers have trouble thinking of the “big picture” and would rather focus on smaller details without any consideration for how it impacts the rest of the game.  

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