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  • Hardware Asylum at CES 2018 Part 4
  • Hardware Asylum at CES 2018 Part 4


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 31:29

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    Originally recorded January 2018

    Show Notes

    Typically the last day of any trade show is considered “free”, at least for media folk.  Seems the marketing people wanna get out of dodge and reclaim their weekend and we are fine with that.  The important thing to remember is that as a media person you cannot expect to make any contacts on the last day, so just have fun.

    Our first stop was with InWin and their WinBot chassis.  Dennis felt that it looks like the cockpit of the firefly ship in Oblivion (movie not the game)  It is fully motorized with a flip top lid and a sensor that will follow movement locking on to whoever was close.  InWin also had a customized 909 and a couple of new cases with a capacitive charger and popup vent.

    One of the highlights was two new fans.  Mars and Polaris.  Mars allowed you to position the fan wherever you wanted while Polaris features a metal frame, polished edges and a daisy chain RGB LED lighting so that you only need one RGB cable.

    After that the Duo hit the show floor to check out some big arse tvs, a drone mounted motorcycle (very Terminator Salvation), some fancy cars and comfy carpet.   

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