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  • Summer Project Watercooling Gear and 5Ghz vs Multi Core Processing
  • Summer Project Watercooling Gear and 5Ghz vs Multi Core Processing


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 29:21

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    Originally recorded July 2018

    Show Notes

    Singularity Computes Protium Watercooling Parts
    Summer is here, as of this podcast, and it is time for a new summer mod at Hardware Asylum.  The plan will be to upgrade the primary PC that Dennis uses with some modern hardware and custom modded PC chassis and kickass ridged hardline watercooling loop.  The actual PC hardware will consist of whatever isn’t being used while the watercooling gear will feature some high quality gear from Singularty Computers. 

    In this segment Dennis and Darren discuss details of the new build and give an in-depth overview of the watercooling gear being used.

    5Ghz vs Multi Core
    This segment started with an article posted on PCGamer where they interviewed Der8aur about the current state of overclocking.  As Darren has said many times on the podcast “Hardware is Ahead of Software” meaning that the need to upgrade just isn’t there.  To put it another way you can play the latest AAA game titles on 7 year old hardware provided you have a halfway decent video card.

    Of course if you combine a decent video card with massive multicore CPUs and you get a very powerful system but not one that overclocks well or is all that efficient in games.  You see adding more cores will allow more threads to be processed but also adds overhead to what the CPU must do to process that data and there is a limit.  Generally speaking lower core count equals higher overclock ceiling.

    Funny story but this is what Intel was telling us back in the Pentium III and Pentium IV days before they started buiding multi core CPUs.  Heck hyperthreading would lower the clock ceiling and even back then 5Ghz was a mythical clock target that could never be attained and it is funny to see the topic come up again after all these years.

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    Episode 89 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)