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  • PC Gamers Budget Build and PC Building Simulator on Steam
  • PC Gamers Budget Build and PC Building Simulator on Steam


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 31:18

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    Originally recorded July 2018

    Show Notes

    Budget Gaming PC at PC Gamer
    PCGamer is a great source for articles on the state of electronic gaming and computer hardware.  One of their long running article series is all about building a computer from the no holds barred ultimate machine (which is more of an exercise in budget excess than ultimate PC) to realistic and budget gaming PCs. 

    The budget build released in July is so interesting it seemed like a great discussion topic with the end result of the duo getting stumped with any ways to improve the build without adding additional cost.

    Just keep in mind that while you can build a PC for virtually nothing that doesn’t mean you should.  In fact many custom PC builders would urge you to buy a Dell over having to deal with a client who has nickel and dimed their way into a system. 

    Do yourself a favor and buy what you need up front and don’t be stingy with the pocketbook.

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    PC Building Simulator on Steam
    Dennis claims to have seen the EVGA folks talk about this game on their twitter feed and EVGA Podcast, and for good reason.  EVGA hardware is prominently displayed and accurately rendered in the simulation game.

    For what seems like PC Part Picker for the budgetly challenged it is surprisingly accurate.  Forget to install thermal paste, yep your CPU overheats.  Use a PSU that is too small, yep, bad things happen.  While the duo hosting the Hardware Asylum Podcast have never actually used PC Building Simulator the concept and attention to detail are an attractive feature for sure.

    The game is still in pre-release status and given the nature of PC hardware it might remain that way for a long time since a popular case “today” might be considered garbage by the YouTube sociopathic army “tomorrow”  You never can tell with that group.

    Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation  Hit us up! We’d love to give your game a whirl.

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    Episode 89 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)