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  • Intel Roadmap Leaks and PlayStation 5 Speculation
  • Intel Roadmap Leaks and PlayStation 5 Speculation


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 33:50

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    Originally recorded April 2019

    Show Notes

    How many lakes does it take to leak an Intel roadmap
    Roadmap leaks are pretty common in the hardware world.  Intel and AMD both share these with their customers so they can make accurate plans for product releases and make sure that manufacturing is setup correctly for when the new products are set to launch.  Unfortunately, not everyone shares the confidential nature of these roadmaps and sees them as a good way to make a few bucks or get their name in lights as they now have the “scoop” on everyone else.

    Of course, that scoop can often land you in trouble with the company though I have rarely see any company take any serious action.  In this episode the duo talk about the recent Intel Leak and touch on some AMD “cash grabs”.

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    PlayStation 5 Spec Speculation
    As PC Gamers we are a little skeptical when it comes to Console hardware.  If the hardware is too good then it can have serious impacts on the PC world and if the hardware sucks it means that new Games will likely follow right along.

    If the news is to be believed the new PS5 might be a decent desktop replacement or it could be a processor refresh of the current generation hardware.  Of course that is why speculation is so fun to talk about.

    The biggest talking points are

    • RayTracing
    • Ryzen CPUs
    • M.2 SSDs

    Interestingly enough all of these things tend to generate a fair amount of heat making them poor contenders to a locked ecosystem that needs to be able to run 100% 24/7 to even be remotely successful.  What normally happens is that the hardware is cut down slightly making it look amazing on paper but no better than a high-end laptop when it comes to actual performance.

    Good thing is, you can game pretty well on a laptop these days.

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    Episode 99 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)