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  • NZXT H2 Silent Case Review
  • NZXT H2 Silent Case Review


    Case Layout and Features Cont.

    The front two 120mm fans are mounted in easy to remove cages that feature a cable-less design.  This cage will hold aftermarket fans but the cabling may need to be trimmed down to work with the contacts.  Both fans have a removable dust cover that can be washed and reused.  Behind the fans you have access to the internal drive bays for easy access.

    One of the biggest complaints I have with the H2 is the lack of venting to these front fans.  The door is slotted at the bottom and sides but not aggressively.   The plastic door sides can easily be cut down to improve airflow but this would effect the noise dampening so there is an obvious tradeoff.  
    With the front fans removed you can see the removable drive cages.  These cages have built in side mounting but can also hold drives in both 3.5 and 2.5" drives.  Adding aftermarket rubber padding here will also dampen drive vibrations.
    The bottom of the H2 is raised to assist with airflow through the bottom for both the power supply and another optional 120mm fan.  A large mesh filter pulls out to prevent dust intake from the bottom.  There are also several rubber feet around the bottom to increase stability and reduce vibration noise.  The optional fan is a bit of a tight squeeze for larger power supplies and could cost you the bottom drive bay but would greatly aid the air intake of the H2.
    In addition to the front door, both sides are lined with the noise dampening foam.  This is not the densest foam but will have a positive impact on the interior noise.  Both doors are held in place by matching thumb screws and latch in place firmly.

    The H2 ships with your typical accessories including; A multi-language manual, a color catalog, all black screws, motherboard standoffs with a nice wrench to screwdriver adapter, wire ties, rubber grommets and a motherboard speaker.  The inclusion of all the extra screws in matching black is a nice touch.