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  • NZXT H2 Silent Case Review
  • NZXT H2 Silent Case Review



    The H2 has a tough role to fill as a sub $100 silent PC chassis.  I found the black finish and smooth lines a bit somber but attractive.  The top panels are at odds with the look but most users will probably not end up messing with them as much in practice.  The interior layout is more basic with some nice options for cable management and a nice matching finish.  Installation is easy and mostly tool-less.

    Installation proves the H2 is not designed for enthusiast builds and would be more at home as a HTPC build.  This is apparent in the inclusion of so many hard drive slots and the lack of high volume airflow out of the box.  Airflow is limited by the OEM locations and the limited front venting but easily expanded with the two additional fan locations.  Heat could be an issue with high load builds common with enthusiasts.

    Sound is not an issue with the test build and runs noticeably quieter than the Tempest EVO though temperatures did run a couple of degrees hotter.  At idle the H2 has no issues running cool and mostly silent even with a high end card installed.
    Good Things
    Attractive finish
    Budget friendly sound insulation
    Loads of storage potential
    Near tool-less design
    Bad Things
    Airflow limited out of the box
    Some drive bays need to be removed for certain hardware
    Front door opens left and not as wide