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  • Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition Case Review
  • Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition Case Review


    Case Layout and Features

    Our Revo Snow has a lot of personality as evidenced by the front of the case.  Large Aluminum side bezels frame the front of the case to reinforce the armor motif.  These two panels are hinged to give easy access to the front panel though there is enough room you probably don't need them to move.  The effect is unique but brings to mind two small doors. they are just big enough to block access to the drive bays and any control accessories, yet are large enough to hide them when viewed from either side.  

    Black mesh over the front fans and drive bays helps draw attention to the front of the case and gives the bezel some depth that would be hidden otherwise.
    The sides of the Armor Revo are embossed to provide strength and give some personality to the otherwise plain right side.  We have seen this done quite often as a cheap way to allow additional clearance behind the motherboard and drive chassis for cabling and airflow.  

    On the left we have the same embossing pattern with an additional large angular window and 200mm fan in the middle.  A fold out headset hanger can be found in the upper right, a popular feature found among the Thermaltake's eSports lines.  We have seen several cases with the headset holder and have found it to be useful at LAN parties when the chassis is on a table.  If the case is on the floor it's just too awkward to be cool.

    The plastic window frames the fan nicely offering more window space than most cases with oversize door fans.  The window held in place by contrasting black plastic push pins and is pushed out slightly further than the door its self.  The 200mm TT branded fan is rated at 600-800 rpm and 13-15 dBA.
    Accessories include a matching black mesh 2.5" drive adapter, all the necessary mounting hardware, cable ties, a power cable adaptor, a motherboard speaker and the User's Manual.

    A control panel area is easily accessible on the top front of the case.  Across the front there are 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x eSATA, and the usual HD Audio connections.  The left side has a two speed fan control with a separate switch for the LED lighting.  There is no off position for the fan controller.  Along the right you'll find an oversize power switch, reset switch and the power/hard drive activity light.  The winged front design lights up blue and features a cool breathing effect that really turns heads with the lights down.

    All of the controls frame the external docking station similar to the ones we have seen on other high end TT cases.  This port supports both 2.5" and 3.5" SATA drives in a hot-swap capable bay. 

    Initially I thought this was a bit gimmicky but as I write this review I am looking at the hard drive sitting in the bay of my TT Overseer RX-1.