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  • AZIO MGK L80 RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Roundup
  • AZIO MGK L80 RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Roundup


    AZIO MGK L80 Lighting, Testing and Conclusion

    Choosing one of these two L80 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboards is a great option for those trying a mechanical keyboard for the first time or looking for a specific color scheme. AZIO has really provided a very bright LED lighting option that will catch your eye from across a darkened room.  The effects are dimmable and only the white function lights cannot be changed.

    The Backlit Modes button toggles through the six different light modes. Brightness is controlled by the arrow keys; Static, Breathing, Off, FPS Preset, MOBA Preset and Reactive.  Here you see the Blue in Static Mode or simply on.

    Part of the fun of a LED lit keyboard is the lighting.   I love playing with the lights and seem to gravitate between Breathing and FPS Preset on these two. Both look great!  I can see how you might settle with one design over time but the customization and matching hardware are what really makes this L80 Series stand out.


    To put the Azio L80 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboards to the test I replaced my favorite ROCCAT Ryos keyboard on my gaming PC.  The Ryos I have uses Cherry MX blacks or the more linear smooth actuation.  As before, there was noticeable difference in the level of noise thanks to the Kailh switches though I am beginning to think some of the extra noise on the L80 series is due to the surface mounting of the keys.

    I also compared the three MGK L80 motherboards back to back. I continue to use the MGK L80 RGB as my daily driver and frequent BF4 sessions.  I used each of the colored L80s for an additional week each.  Overall I found both look and feel great with no drop in quality between all three keyboards. With the Reds the most comfortable while the Blues seemed to provide better feedback.  On both the reaction times felt smoother and predictable.  No keys felt soft or off like some entry level mechanicals.


    Azio’s continues to impress with this expanded L80 RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard line.  Both keyboards looked and performed fantastic even with their slightly different personalities. As always I have a lot of good keyboards to choose from and still find the AZIO keyboars finding homes in my house.  That’s a pretty strong endorsement from me!

    As I have mentioned before, I have become a fan of the form factor as well.  The smaller footprint fits my keyboard tray like it was made for it without sacrificing functionality or keys like smaller keyboards. I now find the L80 has taken over.  It is immediately portable without sacrificing the 10 key or the directional arrows.

    AZIO mechanical keyboards continue to impress with the MGK L80 colored keyboard continuing the trend. If you are contemplating the jump to a mechanical keyboard and don’t want to break the bank AZIO should be at the top of your list.

    Good Things

    Bright matching light show
    Crisp and predictable actuation
    Small footprint
    No software
    Great price point
    Brushed aluminum looks fantastic
    Magnetic Palm Rest

    Bad Things

    Minimal macro support
    No onboard memory for custom settings
    Louder my Cherry MX switches