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  • DeepCool MG510 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review
  • DeepCool MG510 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review


    DeepCool MG510 Layout and Features

    The MG510 has a low profile and is targeted at those that prefer a right-handed Palm Grip.  The low profile feels similar to the Razer shape. I would describe this mouse as medium sized.

    There are a total of six buttons available including the tactile mouse wheel.  Omron switches are used for added durability.  All of the buttons feel crisp and the mouse wheel has a nice tactile feel to it.

    Both sides share the large grip surfaces with an RGB accent in back and under the DeepCool logo. A battery indicator will display on top when the battery is charging or low.

    On the bottom you can turn the MG510 on with or without RGB enabled.  You can also switch the DPI and reporting method. Two oversized PTEE feet provide a smooth glide on most surfaces.

    The MG510 ships with a 1.8-meter braded USB cable. This cable acts as a charging cable and can be used for true wired gaming.  The wireless receiver can be used individually or connected to the end of the cable via the included adapter. I should note the cable is notched where it goes into the mouse for charging.  A generic cable may fit but it is clearly designed as proprietary.

    The Lithium Battery (700mA\h) is rated for up to 36 hours of use.  Of course, this assumes regular use and no RGB enabled.

    DeepCool MG510 Software

    The software suite for the MG510 is pretty and intuitive with most of the options sharing the same overall screen.  Selecting the icons across the to will toggle the screen to show the relevant options.

    Most of what you need will be on the default Lighting screen. This screen is selectable via the light and includes battery status, Polling rate, the ability to create profiles and program the keys from a selection of available options.

    Of course, you can also control the RGB effects with 9 effect types to choose from and nearly infinite color available.  At this point the RGB solution does not seem to be compatible with any of the major solutions.  No option appears in my Asus Aura suite.

    Selecting the DPI arrow swaps out some of the color options for up to 7 levels of DPI presets. Each preset can be individually configured between 50 and 19000 DPI.

    Choosing the Mouse Parameter screen toggles the bottom area to allow adjustments to Mouse sensitivity, Double Click Speed and Scrolling speed.

    Lastly, the Macro screen provides a simple and effective way to program and edit your macros.

    Strangely each of the DeepCool devices we installed used its own software suite.  Hopefully this will change as more products are introduced!


    I have been using the DeepCool MG510 Wireless Gaming Mouse for a little over a week as both my daily driver and for gaming.  The light weight (83g) does take some getting used to after my Roccat AMIO Kone mouse but I quickly got used to the nimbler feel.  Buttons feel quick and predictable and the shape is very comfortable over long gaming sessions. Battery life seems long and I had no issues with charging while I played when needed.


    The DeepCool MG510 Wireless Gaming Mouse provides a wireless gaming experience that exceeded my expectations.  Movements felt crisp and responsive even under stress.  Using OMRON switches brings an additional level of quality not always found in this price range.

    A light weight wireless gaming mouse used to be an unachievable target but the DeepCool MG510 handled everything I threw at it with ease and looks great too!

    Good Things

    2.4GHz Wireless
    Pixart 16,000 CPI Sensor
    USB-C Cable Support
    OMRON Micro Switches
    Tasteful RGB Lighting

    Bad Things

    No Common Software Solution
    Proprietary cable connector
    83g Weight is Not Adjustable
    RGB Not Compatible with Popular Solutions