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  • Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133Mhz Quad Channel Memory Review
  • Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133Mhz Quad Channel Memory Review


    Dominator Platinum Memory

    Dominator Platinum modules feature a very unique heatspreader design that feels considerably stronger than any other design we have used, short of the previous Dominator GT line.  The strength and weight comes from the encased heatspreader design that shields the entire module.
    In terms of height the Platinum modules are a little shorter than the previous GT and are easier to install given that the cooling fins are no longer fully exposed across the top.

    One thing that has always separated the Dominator product line is the specially designed cooling system built into the PCB.  Corsair calls this technology DHX or Dual-path Heat eXchange.  Typical memory heatspreaders only cool the tops of the memory chips allowing heat to become trapped in the module PCB.  DHX allows the memory module to cool from the outside where the memory chips contact the heatspreader and from the inside moving heat up the copper PCB to the fins located across the top of the module. 

    As we know, better cooling means longer life and better performance when it comes to overclocking.
     What good is a performance memory kit if you can't monitor and tweak everything about that module?  In the past monitoring your memory was limited to software packages that were often limited and inaccurate.  Of course if you want accurate readings you need to get them directly from the source with Corsair Link you can do just that.  The plug found on most Corsair modules is the Link interface and can relay memory activity and temperature back to the user using the Corsair Link software or can be used to control the Airflow Pro cooling solution independent of any user interaction.