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  • Mushkin Redline PC4-3466 FrostByte Memory Review
  • Mushkin Redline PC4-3466 FrostByte Memory Review



    In this review I looked at the Mushkin Redline DDR4 3466 Dual Channel memory kit.  These are performance memory modules designed for DDR4 platform motherboards including Intel Z170/Z270/Z370/Z390 and HEDT systems built on X99/X299.  The modules feature the stylish Frostbyte heatspreader design in red.  The Redline DDR4 modules comes in a variety of different speeds starting at the default 2133Mhz and stretching up to 3466Mhz with timings between CL15 and CL20 depending on the kit and frequency.

    The purpose of this review was really to look at the new performance entry in the Redline series.  For instance the first kit I reviewed topped out at 3200Mhz with a CL of 20!.  This wasn’t great for performance and didn’t to much for overclocking either.  But, they worked well.  The kit featured in this review was launched around CES 2019 and is not only faster at 3466Mhz but with very improved timings of CL16 (16-18-18-38)

    This brings up a point of efficiency and compatibility.  I mentioned that when buying a memory module you should strike a balance between your budget and making sure the modules you pick match your platform.  That isn’t to say you should buy the cheapest module in the store but one that matches your performance goals.  Generally speaking higher speed modules are the fastest way to more performance and lower timings speak to the quality of the individual chips.  Lower is better and if you are into overclocking lower timings means more headroom for higher frequencies.

     Performance and cost aside these new Mushkin Redline 3466Mhz modules are very stylish and feature the Frostbyte heatspreader design with a very smooth red anodized finish.  The modules themselves measure in at 1.5 inches tall and should work well with any performance cooler on the market.

    Good Things

    High Speed Modules
    Great Looking Heatspreader Design
    Available in speeds up to 3466Mhz
    Excellent Out of Box Performance

    Bad Things

    Single XMP profile
    Careful when picking modules some have high latency

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    Mushkin Redline PC4-3466 FrostByte Memory Review