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  • Mushkin Redline PC4-3466 FrostByte Memory Review
  • Mushkin Redline PC4-3466 FrostByte Memory Review


    Mushkin Redline Overview

    The Mushkin Redline modules featured in this review are using the Frostbyte heatspreader.  It is a little shorter than you would normally find and features a very decorative looping pattern across the top.  The heatsinks are anodized red and feature screened graphics on both sides with a machined lip at the base of the heatspreader. 

    Module height has always been a concern when it comes to system builds since heatsink manufactures often build their designs based on JEDEC module standards.  This is great when using vanilla memory modules but, once you switch to performance memory your cooling method can become a concern.

    In terms of overall height the module measures a little under 1.5 inches tall which makes them reasonable in terms of module height and should fit quite well in any system.  Given that most high-end builds have switched to AIO cooling overall module height is less of a concern these days.

    Under the heatspreader (if I had removed them) you will find a standard height memory PCB with an array of BGA memory chips soldered across a single side of the module.  Unlike some of the other modules we have reviewed the PCB doesn’t come with any special cooling features, lights or extra connectors.