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    Laptops are some amazing computers that strike the balance between size, power and portability.  The problem comes when you want to use a laptop as a desktop replacement, the keyboard isn't particularly ergonomic and extra monitors are a must.  Plus, all that extra gear can take up valuable space.  This is where a product like the Cooler Master JAS Pro can really help you out.

    The JAS Pro is a full sized display stand designed for the Apple MacBook and iPad which allows you to stand your device vertically and thus take up less space on your desktop.

    Out of the box the Cooler Master JAS Pro is folded into its travel configuration and will fit into most travel bags.  In this configuration you will notice the rubber surround that serves to protect your device from scratches and keep the display stand from moving around.  The four hinged joints are capped with machined aluminum plugs that resemble the cover and button on Apple Wireless Keyboard.
    Opening the JAS Pro you can quickly see how the device is to be used.  The smaller lip at the bottom cradles your device while the vertical pillar serves to hold everything in place.  To adjust the vertical position the longer leg in the back is moved to raise and lower the stand.  There is a mechanical stop to prevent the JAS Pro from opening up beyond a certain point which indecently corresponds to having the MacBook screen completely vertical at its most open position.  
    Using the JAS Pro is as you would expect simply swing the two arms into the open position and place your device in the cradle.   When using a MacBook you can choose to leave the screen open and type directly on the keyboard or close the lid and treat it like a docking station or display stand.  We found the keyboard rather difficult to access in the open position but the stand was stable enough for average typing and didn't move throughout our tests.  The real benefit comes if you are using a secondary monitor and want your MacBook at the same height or have a complete desktop already or you just need to keep your MacBook up and out of the way.
    The JAS Pro display stand is constructed from aluminum with a total weight of 22.4 ounces and features high quality rubber Grip-Pads anywhere it may make contact with your computer.  The stand is color matched to the Apple MacBook and features a dual texture of a soft bead blasting and machined accents.  

    Overall we really enjoyed using the JAS Pro and would easily consider it as a standard travel accessory for those who need to have their MacBook (or iPad) close but may not need to type all that much,  Video Chats anyone?   This device is no substute for a real docking station but will help keep your MacBook cool by allowing unrestricted air to the cooling fan and does wonders when you have limited desk space and need the full desktop experience.

    If you would like to get one of these yourself they are available at the Apple Store http://store.apple.com/us/product/HA009LL/A/cooler-master-jas-pro-foldable-aluminum-stand-for-macbook-pro
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    Cooler Master Jas Pro Display Stand

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