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  • Gigabyte XP1200M 80Plus Platinum Modular Power Supply Review
  • Gigabyte XP1200M 80Plus Platinum Modular Power Supply Review



    As overclockers we often look for the highest capacity PSUs for our builds, not because we need them but because we want to make sure everything has adequate power. 80 Plus certified PSUs deliver on those desires and do so with less heat, better overall efficiency.

    It is not uncommon to see component manufacturers branch out from their core components to create some interesting products.  In this review I looked at the Gigabyte Xtreme Gamer XP1200M Power Supply Unit.  It currently comes in a single configuration at 1200w and features an 80+ Platinum certification for 92% power efficiency.  A single 12v power rail is located at the heart of the power supply with a 100A rating.  For the most part that means this PSU will power almost anything with a preference for LGA 2011 series processors and multiple graphics cards. 

    The XP1200M is a fully modular PSU and comes with flat ribbon style cables.  These tend to be easier to “route” in your chassis due to having a lower overall profile however, can be a little cumbersome when cables cross over themselves or need to be turned a certain direction.  Being fully modular does open up the ability to easily sleeve the cables for a better overall appearance or to match a build theme.

    I did notice that while each of the modular plugs on the PSU are labeled the plugs themselves are strikingly similar leading one to believe that the CPU power and PCIE power plugs could be interchanged.  I would have liked to see the PCI Express plugs be a different color to help set them apart from the CPU power

    Overall I really like the Gigabyte XP1200M, the modular design which allows you to modify the cables to match your particular build.  I would have liked to see locking cables on the 20+4 ATX and 4+4 CPU power connectors since the +4 tends to be the exception on most modern systems.  It would also be nice to see a 750 and 1000w version of this PSU along with replacement cables that might be shorter for smaller system builds.

    Good Things

    80+ Platinum Rating for 92% Efficiency
    4-way Video Card Support
    1200w Power Output
    140mm Ball Bearing Fan
    Fully Modular Design
    Storage Bag

    Bad Things

    Both 12v CPU power cables should be the same length
    Only comes in 1200w
    Chance to mix up CPU and PCIE power leads