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  • Crucial BX500 960GB SSD Drive Review
  • Crucial BX500 960GB SSD Drive Review


    Benchmark Configuration

    The System as it was Tested

    MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon – X299 Chipset
    Intel Core i7 7740x (4.3Ghz) Quad Core 4 x 1MB L2 Cache 8MB L3 Cache
    Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme
    1x nVidia GTX 980Ti
    2x GSKill TridentZ PC4-27700 8GB DDR4 (16-18-18-38)
    HP dvd1260i Multiformat 24x Writer
    Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1050 Watt PSU
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    Storage Tested
    Crucial BX300 SATA6 960GB SSD - CT960BX500SSD1

    Reference Storage
    Crucial MX300 SATA6 750GB SSD - CT750MX300SSD1
    Crucial  BX300 240GB SSD - CT240BX300SSD1
    HyperX Fury RGB 480GB SSD – SHFR200480G

    For the benchmarks I choose to give a mix of synthetic and real world tests that are both repeatable and should provide a good basis for comparison.  The problem is knowing exactly what people are looking for when choosing a storage solution.  While some sites might go into the timing ticks of the individual NAND chips or latency of the controller I find that to be a little too technical.  (says the reviewer who benchmarks CPUs down to the thousands of a second)

    One thing you will notice is that I have used this drive quite a bit.  It arrived back in February and I wasn’t able to do the performance tests until now.   As you can see it has gotten some good usaged here in the lab mostly overclocking and a couple hardware reviews.