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  • Yeyian FlexCam Streaming Camera Review
  • Yeyian FlexCam Streaming Camera Review



    Content creator, streamer or maybe you just work from home. You need a good camera solution, something with good features and not something that would break the bank. For this, Yeyian has you covered with their new FlexCam Streaming Camera w/Surround Ring Light & Remote Control.

    With 2k resolution, onboard lighting and noise cancelling, this little camera checks all the right boxes. Let’s take a closer look!

    Yeyian has been rapidly expanding their Streaming Gear offerings to include streaming cameras, microphones and lighting. Everything the up and coming streamer needs to look and sound great!

    The Yeyian FlexCam is a great looking little camera that combines all of your streaming needs into one easy to use unit.  It’s also not intrusive measuring about 2.5 inches around or 3.5 inches high with the base.

    • 3 LED Color Light
    • Noise Reduction Microphone
    • 78° Field of View
    • HDR – High Dynamic Range
    • QHD – 2560 x 1440
    • Privacy Cover
    • Auto Focus
    • 3D Adjustable Stand
    • Compact Remote Control

    YEYIAN Gaming was established in 2017 in San Diego to bring high-performance products to the gaming community in the U.S. and beyond. Its core philosophy is to offer its customers the best in cutting-edge technology at the best possible price. YEYIAN's goal is to provide its customers with an unrivaled service and experiences that will keep them returning for more. YEYIAN constantly strives to improve its products and customer service to remain at the forefront of the market.

    Yeyian FlexCam Layout and Features

    It’s a nice little package with an included USB C Adapter, user’s manual, the remote and a quick reference card. The cable is about 60 inches long and has a nice Velcro tie to keep things neat.  There is no software included and should not be needed for any of your typical video platforms. Windows immediately detected the camera and integration with Zoom was flawless.

    Perhaps the best feature is the light ring around the edge of the camera. This light provides the same effect as a separate ring light. Turning the outside ring adjusts the brightness, simply pushing the center, above the camera, changes the light temperature across three presets: White, Mixed or Warm.

    Video is produced at a crisp 2K (2560x1440P) resolution and holds well at the advertised 30 FPS. Auto focus is handled automatically up to 2 meters and can also be controlled via the remote. The camera does swivel but probably wont need it much as the camera supports a 78-degree field of vision. Supported is provided for formats from H.264 and above (H.265), JPEG, and YUY2 formats.

    All of your functionality is controlled from the camera itself or from the full featured remote control. The remote covers all of the functionality you would expect from image adjustments to camera and mic toggles.

    Installation is also easy thanks to the multiple configurations that the base provides. With the base closed you can mount the FlexCam on any standard tripod mount.

    Opening up the base provides the typical mount for a monitor or your laptop. Both the angle and the orientation of the yellow brace are adjustable and is the orientation I used for testing on my ThinkPad laptop.

    The stand will open fully to flat to provide stability for any flat surface. I also found it pretty stable while the mount was sitting closed with a slight upwards angle on my desk!


    Yeyian really has provided a one stop solution for both casual streamers and streamers alike. With simple installation and control, the FlexCam meets the needs of both casual streamers and the work from home users.  Over multiple zoom meetings and several game sessions I found the picture clear and controls intuitive. I do not know why anyone would ever use an onboard camera when the FlexCam is so capable and affordable!

    Good Things

    Versatile Design
    Good Onboard Lighting
    QHD Resolution
    Flexible Mounting Options

    Bad Things

    No Auto Tracking
    Can Aways use More FPS