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  • Consumer Electronics Show 2013 - Cooler Master Suite Visit
  • Consumer Electronics Show 2013 - Cooler Master Suite Visit


    Cooler Master Suite

    I have been meeting with Cooler Master at the various trade shows since the beginning.  In fact, one of my first industry contacts was with Cooler Master during their showing at Comdex.   If you are out there Tony give me a shout!

    Unlike some of the motherboard vendors I met with Cooler Master had a lot to show and I have some of the more interesting items are pictured below including a few really cool custom mods made specifically for the CES display.

    The first mod is a Ducati themed case complete with the proper colors and side pipes.  The second case was custom painted but it was decided that showing paint job alone was not enough and the case had to be opened up.  The interior is accented red with chromed hardline connecting every waterblock in this chassis. 
    I know how difficult it is to pipe something like this so props go out to the builder.

    Be sure to check out the gallery of images below for an enlarged version and some details about what you are looking at.  
    Available Images