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  • Consumer Electronics Show 2016 MSI



    For the first time ever MSI was actually on the show floor this year and hosted a RSVP room.   As you walked in the door to the right was this model star destroyer with a fully working watercooled computer.  The lights are fiber optic and all of the panels were 3D printed.

    MSI had a good number of products on display from the video cards we all know and love to a variety of new motherboards including the new Carbon series of black PCBs and Mystic Lights.  The X99 Godlike received a minor facelift with improved coverings and metal shields around each of the memory sockets.

    Krait Gaming is still a popular series for MSI and I must stay I do like the white on black color scheme.

    Maybe one of the most unique items is their solid SLI bridge with a 15mm x 120mm cooling fan attached.  As many of us know getting air between your video cards is more difficult than it sounds.  On the test bench I have been known to zip tie a fan over the video cards and well, this little gadget would save me the trouble.