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  • RGB and Wireless Charging from Patriot at CES 2018
  • RGB and Wireless Charging from Patriot at CES 2018



    Patriot is a memory manufacture who produces performance memory modules and storage solutions.  Sadly to survive in the PC component industry you have to diversify and Patriot has targeted peripherals as their value-add to the industry. 

    At CES patriot was showing off a variety of products ranging from a new line of Viper memory modules and a very tasty looking NVMe M.2 drive using a Phison E12 controller with a capacity up to 2TB and speeds up to 600K IOPs

    Pretty fast right? 

    There are more drives in the works including some standard 2.5” drives and a new EVLER Thunderbolt 3 portable drive for storage enthusiasts on the go.

    One of the biggest problems with wireless devices is making sure they are charged and normally this means either changing the batteries on a regular basis or docking the device to ensure it is always topped off.  Well, Patriot has a solution, what about a capacitive charging solution that is embedded into your mouse pad?

    The mousepad shown here is a development unit that allows you to charge your mouse or a mobile device by simply placing it on the capacitive power location.

    Of course they had RGB mousepads on display along with a new RGB keyboard and RGB palm rest just to complete the package and ensure that your RGB game is taken to 11.