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  • ASUS ROG NUC Small Form Factor Gaming PC at CES 2024
  • ASUS ROG NUC Small Form Factor Gaming PC at CES 2024



    Asus is an interesting company that will take full advantage of what trade shows have to offer.  I remember several years back I attended an Asus press conference where they announced the plastic covers they were placing on motherboards with the promise it would enhance cooling and make your motherboard last longer.  After that they showed some product concepts that created massive confusion with the members of the press who were basically half asleep and “not” very tech savvy.

    As expected, Asus had a full representation of products on display during CES from some obscure motherboards along with BTF motherboards with the cable connections on the back of the board, to gaming OLED monitors, laptops, keyboards, mice and microphones. 

    However, of these items I was most impressed with the Asus NUC gaming system.

    As you may remember, Intel introduced the NUC as a small form factor modular computer system several years ago.  The boards were underpowered and extremely underwhelming which led them to be ignored by most everyone.  Well, turns out that ASUS bought the NUC division from Intel and has transformed them into a compact gaming system..

    The message is similar to what Intel had established in that we have an ultra-compact computer that can be adapted to just about any industry.  Given that this is the Consumer Electronics Show we have the ROG NUC using and Intel Ultra processor, 5600Mhz DDR5 memory, comes with 3x M.2 NVMe slots and the Nvidia RTX 4070 discrete graphics card making this an amazing gaming setup.

    I like to think of this as the Gaming laptop you want, without the laptop limitations.  You can use your own monitor(s), your own keyboard, mouse and audio system without taking up a ton of space.