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  • Watercooling Computer Chassis without the Case from EK at CES 2024
  • Watercooling Computer Chassis without the Case from EK at CES 2024



    EK has become one of the premiere suppliers of DIY watercooling gear and keeps adding more to their product offerings.  Some of the products are simple revisions such as new colors for their popular fittings while others seem to come completely from left field. (or right field)

    We recently reviewed the new EK AIO watercooler and found it to be pretty good despite some issues with the mounting hardware.  Well, it seems they are catering to the fringe crowd that buy into the benefits of delidding.  And, for the first time ever we have a complete direct die AIO watercooler complete with a retention bracket and special cold plate.

    As you would expect there waterblock revisions, these have custom tops along with new D5 pump covers now with a removable ARGB lighted top.

    In what might be the most natural progression from AIO to DIY watercooling we have a combo pump + reservoir + radiator that easily installs into any chassis and simplifies the DIY watercooling installation process.  Just add hoses and your favorite waterblock and you are ready to go.

    The highlight of my booth visit would be the EK NoCase product.  This is basically a computer chassis that has been distilled down to connected mounting points.  Your motherboard selection will be limited and to get the best results you’ll need to populate the outside of the frame with radiators and distribution plates.

    Wwhen you are done you will have what looks like a computer case without the hassle of pesky metal and glass panels.

    Cool?  Yes.  Practical?  Umm.  Maybe.