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  • PCI Express Gen5 SSDs and Overclocking from Patriot at CES 2024
  • PCI Express Gen5 SSDs and Overclocking from Patriot at CES 2024



    There was a time when overclocking was big business and just about every vendor was showing off some sort of overclocking product and might even have a demonstration going in the background.  Sadly, those times have passed however, there is still hints to the overclocking past, provided you know where to look for them.

    At Patriot there was a simple overclocking demonstration showing that even with low end memory modules you can overclock them for better performance and you don’t need anything more than a little time to do the tweaks.

    Of course, for those of us who enjoy pushing the limits Patriot had a new DDR5 Xtreme 5 module on display with some fancy parts that would allow these, and other modules, to unlock their hidden potential.  The first of these should be running around 8800+Mhz (MT/s)

    Lastly, we have the hot new PCI Express Gen 5 M.2 NVMe SSDs on display.  These drives offer Read speeds up to 14,000 MB/s and writes up to 12,000 MB/s with a combination of Phison E26 controller with Micron B58R NAND.  The drives will come with an active cooling module and the option to remove the cooler if your motherboard comes with an integrated heatsink.