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  • Computex 2011 Day 1



    Sapphire is doing a product promotion for the new Dirt3 game allowing you to get a game coupon for buying any of the select Sapphire video cards.  The one pictured here is the HD 6950 2GB edition with a considerably cooler looking heatsink.
    In recent rumors there has been a huge land grab for talented motherboard designers.  If the rumors are true remains to be seen but the prospect promises to be interesting as the new designs are released.  We did see a few cool boards on display, the coolest of which is the Pure Black 990FX board that can support 3-way SLI with the help of an nVidia NF200 chip.  

    They also claim to have a X79 design in the works but it wasn't ready in time for the show. 

    Our fingers will be crossed in hopes that we see something great.