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    For the past several years we have been attending the Computex trade show and so far have always enjoyed the experience, the displays are good, the people are good and most everything here we cover on the site.  On several occasions the question has been asked, "Why do you keep coming back to Computex?"  Normally the answer is clear but after running into Anand (from anandtech.com) and overhearing his answer to that question it got me thinking.  Is there more to Computex than just checking out latest tech?  

    Anand had commented that he hasn't been back to Computex in several years because there wasn't been any real reason to.  Simply put when was the last time you heard of "anything" being announced at Computex?  In the past nVidia used Computex as a springboard for new product launches as did Intel and AMD.  However nVidia has moved away from 6 month product cycles and both Intel and AMD typically launch around CES which leaves the Computex show as nothing more than, a show.

    The Ninjalane position is a little different.  We don't spend a lot of time concentrating on processor launches or deciding which tablet would best be used by a hobbit on a mission to Gondor so, using Computex the way anandtech.com does has never really fit our agenda.  We have always used Computex as a way to meet our contacts face to face and so far it has worked out well.  

    The problem is, as the site has grown we often know about the products before they are announced and generally have good relationship with all of our mfg contacts.  Does it make sense to attend Computex each year?  If my pocketbook had anything to say, then answer would be no.  

    Yes, it is great to see some of the latest computer hardware but in the big picture things have really gotten stagnant.  Motherboards all revolve around chipset capabilities.  Given the low profit margins we find that mobo makers are shy to gamble on doing something new.  Video card designs are 90% reference copies and the 10% that are custom still adhere to the GPU makers specifications.  Very few companies even consider building a "real" enthusiast friendly video card much for the same reason we don't see motherboard makers doing the same.  Cooling and memory all follow the same patterns so you have to ask yourself, what is the point?  

    Well, we are hardware enthusiasts and we love this stuff, yes we can complain about the lack of innovation but the fact that something new is being produced allows us to nitpick the different offerings and choose which one we like best.  In some cases we can even prove that one design is better using a variety of tools.  All of this is what makes it fun and shows like this worth it.

    Deep down we know that Computex was designed to promote international sales but hope that one day the mfgs will realize that many of the media that attend the show aren't all that interested in sales volumes.  Companies need to embrace and leverage the enthusiast community more, the show would be better and there will be a reason to loiter around.