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  • SilverStone M.2 Bay Devices at Computex 2018
  • SilverStone M.2 Bay Devices at Computex 2018



    SilverStone is well known for their chassis designs and had a pretty amazing vertical chassis on display with tempered glass side panels that was very reminiscent of the Fortress FT03.  This new design will be part of the Lucid series with more tempered glass side panels. 

    The LD03 is a vertically inspired case that is configured so that all of your expensive components can be viewed through the glass.  Cables and cooling both exit out the top similar to the old Raven cases giving the LD03 natural vertical cooling convection while still maintaining a small footprint.

    SilverStone was also showing a variety of PC accessories including smaller and power powerful SFX power supplies and the SDP12 3.5” bay mounted M.2 drive adaptor.

    What makes this device interesting is that it can support NVMe drives using an U.2 cable connection and two SATA based drives using traditional cables.   Of course most motherboards have M.2 and U.2 sockets on board and depending on the PCI Express map, may not allow both to be used at the same time. 

    However, that is the real benefit for having a device like the SPD12.  There are some crazy builds out there and you never know what situation will require you to need one.

    The final item is a revision to the ever popular SilverStone super fine mesh fan filters that capture dust you didn’t even know existed.  The upgrade is rumored to be even better with increased airflow while also trapping more dust.  The design requires a revised cover configuration to ensure the screen does not tear and it looks pretty good in my opinion.

    Oh and RGB stuff wink smile