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  • GSKill Shows High Capacty Overclocked Memory Modules at Computex
  • GSKill Shows High Capacty Overclocked Memory Modules at Computex



    GSKill has been one of the major players in the performance memory arena for many years and while Computex 2019 has been dominated by AMD X570 and PCI Express 4 we see GSKill doing what they do best. 

    Showing off.

    First on display is their flagship the 384GB Memory kit comprised of 12 32GB DDR4 Ripjaws memory modules designed specifically for the LGA 3647 six channel memory systems made popular by the ROG Dominus Extreme and EVGA SR-3 motherboards.  With support for up to 6 memory modules those systems will not only be super fast but will likely be how 384 GB of memory becomes a normal thing.

    Now you just need to find a way to use it all.

    Now that Computex has started to shift from a sales oriented trade show the era of the entertaining both will begin to dominate the trade show landscape.  GSKill has taken to showing the OC Stage where factory overclockers are invited on different days to show off their overclockiing and another group of overclockers competes for cash prizes. 

    This year the overall winner was given $10,000 USD in what equated to a 4 day single elimination overclocking competition in front of a live audience.  Unlike in past years what was being done at the booth was not being shown to the wandering public  which ultimately was one of the biggest detractors adding to the confusion of overclocking as a whole.

    Aside from OC competition and eye candy GSKill had some prototype heatspreader designs on display and I hope they will make it to market.

    Of course with overclocking you also have casemodding and I have to admit there were some really creative builds on display.

    The cube was a LN2 cooled computer running at 5.7Ghz and cooled by -57c “air”  Basically nitrogen vapor was piped into the box allowing the system to be aircooled.