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  • Drop Keyboards and Bigger Fans from Corsair during Computex
  • Drop Keyboards and Bigger Fans from Corsair during Computex



    Corsair is a name that many can associate with a number of different product lines.  The company started out as a premier memory supplier and has been slowly transitioning into a supplier of almost everything related to PC and Console gaming.

    During Computex 2024 Corsair was showing a number of items from enhancements to their Elgato Steam Deck, and automatically scrolling telaprompter and an audio interface that works will XLR microphones.

    On the PC side they were showing a minor change to their fan designs.  Most 120mm fans have been standardized to a 25mm width.  These standards are important for hardware makers but, with the advent of modern case designs the actual width of the fan really doesn’t matter much. 

    As a result Corsair (and several other companies) have started to release fans that are thicker and thinner to better accommodate their intended usage.  Corsair was showing their 30mm fans and were able to increase performance across the board.  One of the notable benefits is the ability to move the same amount of air at a lower RPM when compared with the 25mm variant.

    The Drop keyboards were a highlight of the Corsair presentation, which is odd since I could really care less about mechanical keyboards.  Turns out these are more than just a 65% keyboard design but a fully modular keyboard set allowing to you to adjust not only key switch type but, the bounce if you swap out the mid plate to something with a better flex.

    What I found most interesting are the color combos.  Each keyboard has options for a color plate on the back and the main frame covering the keys is secured in place with magnets allowing it to be quickly swapped out.

    This Lord of the Rings design is quite amazing, great graphics and I especially like the keycap shape.