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  • Enterprise Grade AI Hardware from SilverStone at Computex
  • Enterprise Grade AI Hardware from SilverStone at Computex



    SilverStone is one of the few computer case makers to create original designs since their inception.  That is one thing we like about the company and why so many of their chassis designs get our seal of approval.  During Computex 2024 there were a number of designs on display including the Multi Module design of the Alta D1.  Personally, I like the idea of a modular case but really have a hard time getting excited about the prospect of using one.

    However, I did find the Alta T1 to be a welcome sight.  This new chassis has been configured to support a wide variety of hardware configurations from private AI servers to just about any high-end gaming build you can think of. 

    The case features a full unibody construction with the extruded aluminum frame extended completely around the chassis.  You’ll find locations for three triple fan radiators, Dual power supplies and large Extended ATX / SSI-EEB / SSI-CEB motherboards, which are making a comeback due to the need for AI Compute platforms.

    Speaking of AI Compute, a number of companies at Computex have been showing 4U rack-mounted server cases with conversion hardware allowing them to stand up like a standard PC tower.  This is to fascinate the use of AI Compute systems to be used outside of the datacenter, or give IT professionals the option to physically move the systems as needed.

    The chassis shown here is called the WS380-E

    Much like a standard 4U server the profile appears to be “narrow” but is plenty wide to support GPU Compute expansion cards, large form factor motherboards, internal 360 radiator with room left over for 8 SATA/SAS hot swap storage drives and at least two external 5.25 drive bays. 

    Call me crazy but, I really like this design.

    The final chassis was a literal monster designed to support 8 GPUs and comes with all of the supporting hardware needed to accommodate a massive AI Compute build.

    From the front this rack mounted server chassis is mostly mesh to support the extreme cooling required for 8 GPUs and features a reversed motherboard layout where the I/O and expansion slots are facing the “cold side” of the data center.  This is done to support the 8 internal graphics cards located in the back.

    Looking down from the top you’ll find the center section being occupied by two internal GPU installation racks while the rear section will hold up to 6.

    Internal risers will connect the GPUs to the motherboard and a 6000w PSU will ensure that everything is powered correctly.  I don’t normally get excited about server hardware but this monster of a product seems like the right way to do DIY AI.