Special On Location Hardware Asylum Podcast with Techgage at CES 2017

Of course as of this posting CES 2017 has concluded and for sites like Hardware Asylum that don't attend the show with the express interest to cover everything you'll find articles like "The Best of CES" or "We attended CES and you won't believe what I found".  You might even find YT sites that record everything and bookend their coverage with lame sponsor messages. "This coverage is brought to you by whoever we scammed into giving us money"

While I'll have some more CES 2017 related articles posted later this week I wanted to share two important things.

On Location Hardware Asylum Podcast

The first is an On Site recording of the Hardware Asylum Podcast.  This episode talks about some of the PC hardware stuff you won't see covered by CNET and was recorded with my friends from Techgage.

Hardware Asylum Podcast - Highlights from CES 2017 with Special Guests

The second thing I wanted to share is a lengthily CES 2017 discussion I had for the Techgage YouTube channel.  As many of you know I have been trying to do more with YouTube lately and as it would turn out Techgage is doing the same.  They invited me on to talk about CES 2017 and I think it turned out pretty good.

Techgage on YouTube

Funny story, after we got done recording both Rob and Greg claimed that I talked the most while I think Rob put down the most vocals.  You'll have to let me know if they were right. happy smile

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I'd like to thank both Rob and Greg for allowing me to be part of their #CES2017 discussions and for also for being on my #ces2017 podcast episode. 

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