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  • The latest RTX 2080 Super it is, well, Super
  • The latest RTX 2080 Super it is, well, Super


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 28:58

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    Originally recorded July 2019

    Show Notes

    The RTX launch last year had many enthusiasts confused.  It what seemed like a product launch because the schedule said to launch a product we get the RTX, a fully ray traced and AI enabled GPU that promised to increase gaming performance to the moon.  Thing was, only a couple games were able to take advantage and at lunch the drivers sucked.

    Fast forward a year and we have the typical time when Nvidia will launch the GPU upgrades and we have no Ti edition.  You see Nvidia blew their wad and launched an overpriced “Ti” edition at launch effectively killing off any logical way to reuse “Ti” in future products.  So, instead we get Super.   The Super edition cards are basically the Ti editions with more GPU processing power, more cores, higher clocks and the same frame buffer.  The new Super 2080 cards are cheaper than the previous editions which are also no longer available allowing Nvidia to slash prices.

    Thing was, while this card is super fast and something any PC Enthusiast should  seek out to own its not much faster than the previous edition and is still plagued with driver issues which cause the GTX 1080 Ti to actually be faster.

    Still, it is a great card and you should buy one, cause: you can't buy the other one anymore happy smile

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