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  • Hardware Asylum Goes to PAX West 2019
  • Hardware Asylum Goes to PAX West 2019


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 43:09

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    Originally recorded September 2019

    Show Notes

    PAX West is not your typical trade show like CES or Computex.  In fact it is almost the polar opposite of that with a unique focus on Gaming and the Gaming culture.  For instance there is a huge area dedicated to computer gaming where the latest titles are put on display for everyone to see.  We were excited to check out Borderlands 3 and boy did we get an eye full.  Other sections of the convention were dedicated to classic board games were you could try out a new game, teach people how to play and old game and actually buy games you might not already have. 

    Of course those of you into role playing games there were several rooms dedicated to D&D campaigns a full schedule of tournaments with actual prizes for the winners.  Back at the main convention you could branch off to play classic console games like the first Xbox, Playstation, and even the Atari 2600.  If console wasn’t your style we found 10+ full sized arcade towers with unlimited quarters.

    Dennis and Darren were only at the show a single day and that was simply not enough.  We estimate that you will want a minimum of two full days dedicated to PAX along with a well planned schedule of events.  Bring a tripod chair if you plan to play some PC games and don’t forget an empty backpack to carry your swag, and the aforementioned chair.

    The trick now is to be lucky enough to get tickets to the days you want to go and rich enough to afford a hotel room.

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