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  • ASUS Z490 Motherboard Comet Lake LGA1200 Launch
  • ASUS Z490 Motherboard Comet Lake LGA1200 Launch

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    The new Intel Comet Lake LGA1200 series processors are due to be released and with that comes a whole new set of motherboards.  Unlike many AMD solutions the Intel side of the house tends to change things enough to warrant a new motherboard release.  While this may annoy some (AMD Lovers) it brings plenty of opportunity for new features and keeps motherboard vendors on their toes to create new products.

    Some of the new features are tied directly to the new chipset and include Intel WiFi 6, support for faster DDR4 2933Mhz memory and a much higher core count with the Core i9 10900K supporting 10 cores and 20 threads with a overclocking friendly clock multiplier and 125w TDP.  Best part is that existing LGA115x heatsinks will install on the LGA1200.

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