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  • Risks and Rewards when Chasing Used Enthusiast Level Hardware
  • Risks and Rewards when Chasing Used Enthusiast Level Hardware


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 29:47

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    Originally recorded July 2020

    Show Notes

    During the course of the computer hardware enthusiast there is a burning need and desire to try and get a little something from the old hardware you have outgrown.  Some enthusiasts are super proud of their purchases and attempt to pass the savings on to you (which are never savings) while others are more realistic and either want to quickly unload what they have or actually done their research and price things accordingly. 

    The thing is for every good hardware deal you will eventually run into the “get rich quick” types, those trying to scam the system, and even worse, the ones exploiting their items with a hefty price gouge to exploit the rarity of their item.  Online scams are a fact of life in our digital world and you’ll eventually be taken for a ride.  However, if you know what to look for you can often avoid the common scams. 

    In this episode we talk about some of our experiences when buying used computer hardware.  We touch on things you should never buy used and dive into some of our success stories along with a few high profile scams where we got duped and were either stuck or had a way out.

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