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  • Rebuilding the Core X31 and Repairing an EK GPU Waterblock
  • Rebuilding the Core X31 and Repairing an EK GPU Waterblock


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 30:09

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    Originally recorded July 2019

    Show Notes

    When dealing with custom PCs there is always a chance that something can go sideways.  Take for instance the Core X31.  This is a build we have been working on since 2017 and is actually an upgrade to the Core V51 mod we put together in 2016.  For these builds they started with a custom case and then we ported over the hardware including the motherboard, video card, cooling loop, storage, everything.  In the process we changed the loop around and added a few features along the way.

    As with any custom PC we like to change a few things.  For instance when the loop needs cleaned so we take the time to upgrade a waterblock and change a hardline run.  Given that the base hardware was running strong we just kept tweaking.

    This last year the underlying hardware started showing its age and it all started with a random lockup at boot, it seemed like a BIOS issue so, we would flash a new image and things would start working again, a few months later we do the same thing again and hope for the best.  Little did we know, this was actually the first signs of a failing processor and it finally stopped responding this last month.

    Broken hardware is a perfect time for an upgrade but, we are on the tail end of a processor release and needed something to get us by until the new products are released.  Darren elected to go with the LGA 2066 on an EVGA X299 Micro motherboard with a final request that the build finally run SLI across dual GTX 1070 watercooled video cards.  So, we hit ebay looking for a match.  As it would turn out the inexpensive card we bought was cheap for a reason as the waterblock was cracked.  In this episode the duo talk about rebuilding the Core X31 mod and the process Dennis went through to repair the broken and leaking MSI GTX 1070 Seahawk EK.

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