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  • Hackfort 2021 Wrapup with the Director of Hackfort
  • Hackfort 2021 Wrapup with the Director of Hackfort


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Sean Wakeley
    Time: 35:07

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    Originally recorded October 2021

    Show Notes

    In September 2021 Hardware Asylum was again presenting at Hackfort and this time instead of hosting a talk we decided to spend the entire day and hang out on the show floor.  Our booth this year consisted of an LN2 overclocking demonstration, a live 3D Printing demonstration, a Retro PC Project, Darren’s new custom watercooled full RGB gaming PC and some promotion material for laser engraving tempered glass allowing you to once again have custom etched graphics on your gaming rig.

    However, hosting an event in 2021 is difficult due to the current global situation.  This has led to new restrictions for attending events like this which forced a limit on attendance and many presenters backing out for various reasons.  While we can agree that Hackfort and the Treefort Music Festival was a success there were some challenges and kudos when it came to hosting Hackfort 2021. 

    To help us get an accurate retrospective we have a special guest on our show this month, Mr. Sean Wakeley the director of Hackfort.

    For those curious about what Hardware Asylum had on display be sure to check the website for our Hackfort article including some rare photos taken during the venue.

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