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  • Windows 11 and the Trusted Platform Module
  • Windows 11 and the Trusted Platform Module


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Sean Wakeley
    Time: 28:00

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    Originally recorded October 2021

    Show Notes

    Generally speaking, the podcast is recorded about a week before the main show is launched and, if we have time, we record the famous “Extra” that drops mid-month.  Doing this is very efficient but, also means that the famed “podcast machine” is left sitting in the lab and gets behind on Windows updates.

    When it comes time to record the first thing we do is setup the Podcast Machine, turn it on and promptly let Windows do whatever updates it wants to force on us.  That way, we can record without the fear of a random recording reboot (#RRR) and play a little driver roulette (#DR) to see what device might stop working or has gotten its settings reset. 

    It is all in good fun and for the month of October we had the director of Hackfort, Sean Wakeley, in the lab who happened to notice the process along with a big warning from Microsoft saying that the Podcast Machine doesn’t meet the requirements for Windows 11.

    And, he wanted to know more.

    In this Podcast Extra we are talking TPM or Trusted Platform Module and why Microsoft is making it a requirement for installing Windows 11.  Doing so, is breaking one of the Microsoft Golden Rule(s) of reverse compatibility and leaving many users outside the Windows 11 camp.  Most modern laptops and tablets have the required TPM module already making the upgrade rather straight forward.  However, custom PCs and desktops that currently meet the hardware requirements are excluded simply because they lack a TPM module.

    For these builds you have a few choices.  Stay with Windows 10, Build a new computer, upgrade your motherboard or find a TPM 2.0 module and hope your system allows you to install it.

    Good Luck!

    Episode 128 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)