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  • The Worst Storage Mediums of All Time
  • The Worst Storage Mediums of All Time


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 30:26

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    Originally recorded December 2021

    Show Notes

    One of the most significant aspects of computers is the ability to store data.  This data is used to run programs, save your homework and even create things such as photos, 3d models, drawings and poetry.  In our modern society we take for granted that any device will have the ability to save our work with a touch of a button.  However, it wasn’t always that easy.

    In this episode we dive into a list from ExtremeTech that discusses the worse storage mediums of all time including Cave Paintings, Clay Tablets, Scrolls, Avco Cartrivision, Zip Disks and the Sony Memory Stick.  We found the list interesting enough to talk about and even added a few storage options of our own including the best storage device we have ever used.

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