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  • The Importance of Cyber Security and Thoughts on Dying Light 2
  • The Importance of Cyber Security and Thoughts on Dying Light 2


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 31:31

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    Originally recorded March 2022

    Show Notes

    Cyber threats are all around us.  We take steps to protect ourselves making sure that our operating system is up to date, antivirus definitions are current and our firewalls are buttons up.  However, despite these precautions there is still a risk and, more often than not, the problem is located between the chair and keyboard.

    Yes, that is you.

    In this episode the duo talk about the recent NVIDIA security breach and how 1TB of data was stolen from the company and posted online.  The likely culprit was a lapse in security protocols that allowed this hacker group to gain access to their internal network using a remote workers credentials.  This scenario is not hard to imagine given the sheer number of remote workers across the entire United States (and world).

    Similar hacks had been published across a number of high-profile companies, all with a huge wealth of intellectual property worth stealing. 

    Of course, the threats are not only targeted at the enterprise but, also at normal users who happen to let their guard down.  A good example is clicking on links sent to you via email, or reacting poorly to browser popups claiming that your PC is infected.  Falling for these allows malware and viruses to get past any security defense you have in place and comparable to opening your front door and allowing thieves to take whatever they want.

    So, what can you do to protect yourself?

    Step One:  Don’t be Dumb
    Security is in your hands, and if you want to be safe on the internet you need to be able to recognize a problem before it happens.  For emails, Check the sender address on that strange email you got and also realize that Microsoft doesn’t email you about security problems, nor does the IRS.

    Step Two: Backup your data
    Just because your data is in the cloud doesn’t mean it is secure.  In fact, cloud-based storage might afford some protections but if you delete a file, it is gone forever, if the files get encrypted, they are gone forever, if you don’t pay the cloud host, your data is gone forever.  Did you see a pattern??

    Likewise, don’t keep all of your files on your primary PC, back them up to a NAS on your network or, even a USB hard drive.  Dennis reviewed a great USB 3.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure from SilverStone that can make quick work of any backup.

    Step Three: Go to Step One
    The first step in protecting yourself is learning about how to protect yourself.  Modern operating systems have started to hold your hand throughout the process but, you still need a basic understanding of what they are trying to protect you from and how to get yourself out of trouble.

    Dying Light 2
    We have talked about Dying Light quite often on the Hardware Asylum Podcast with several episodes dedicated to the gameplay along with what we discovered while playing the game.  As you would expect the second edition of this great title has been highly anticipated.

    The game dropped last month and supports many of the NVIDIA RTX features including DLSS.  By enabling DLSS you can improve game performance significantly while also increasing video quality.

    Unfortunately, the quest for performance is only half the battle as the game still needs to be worth playing and Dennis is ready to give his brief review of Dying Light 2.

    Check out the second segment in this episode for more details.

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