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  • We Can Finally Buy Video Cards from Basic to Unicorns
  • We Can Finally Buy Video Cards from Basic to Unicorns


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 32:27

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    Originally recorded June 2022

    Show Notes

    The laws of economics are rather powerful, they can topple governments, determine investment returns and even play a factor in you buying ice cream.  For the computer hardware enthusiast there was an imbalance in hardware world that made it extremely difficult to buy video cards, combine that with the global chip shortage and you’ll get an unbalanced increase of demand with limited supplies.  Those who were lucky enough to buy a video card would quickly turn around and sell them for a profit while others might turn this imbalance into a nice profit opportunity.

    Bottom line, the get rich quick crowd started dumping tons of money into buying up every video card they could either to dedicate them for Crypto efforts or to sell them to desperate gamers who were not lucky enough to find a video card on their own.

    This is where things get a little dicey.  A major crash in the largely unregulated crypto currency market caused prices to plummet to the order of 2 Trillion dollars.  The caused mining efforts to no longer be sustainable and driving overall demand for video cards down.  Scalpers can no longer sell their stockpile and for the first time in two years we can finally buy video cards on the open market.

    Sadly, this comes at a critical time in the product life cycle where the NVIDIA RTX 30 Series cards are due to be replaced by the rumored RTX 40 Series “Lovelace” GPU that promises to be even more powerful than anything currently on the market.

    So, the question is.  Do you buy a video card now while you still can?  Or, do you wait until the end of summer and buy the hot new GPU??

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    Episode 136 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)