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  • Adding Boom to your Beige Box
  • Adding Boom to your Beige Box


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 34:45

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    Originally recorded August 2022

    Show Notes

    We talk a lot about the joys and reasons for why you should build your own PC.  It used to be that you could build a PC cheaper than buying one however, with bulk pricing and a move to mobile devices that benefit has largely gone away.  The reasons for build vs buy are control.  You have the options to buy exactly what you want and assemble the PC you desire instead of compromising based on cost or what some vendor happened to get a deal on.

    With every custom build you need accessories.  These include monitor, keyboard, mouse, chair and sometimes even the desk.  When it comes to audio we find builders going in a variety of different directions.  Most will gravitate to high quality headphones paired with a proper sound card.  Others might find a good set of desktop speakers and call it a day.

    The audiophile takes a different route.  They know a quality sound card is key both for sound quality and to ensure that audio reproduction doesn’t have any impact on system performance.  They also know that PC speakers for the desktop PC are utter garbage and will resort to studio quality monitors paired with high-end headphones.

    What the audiophile forgets is that you can build some amazing speaker systems that can rival some of the best in the retail market at a fraction of the cost.  You just need to know a few things about speaker theory and have some basic skills in woodworking and electronics.

    In this episode we talk about building a custom subwoofer enclosure for the Hardware Asylum Retro PC projects and explore some of the different options available for truly creating a custom PC audio solution.

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