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  • First Look at the EVGA Z690 Dark and Retro PC Subwoofer Project
  • First Look at the EVGA Z690 Dark and Retro PC Subwoofer Project


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 33:08

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    Originally recorded September 2022

    Show Notes

    EVGA Z690 Dark Kingpin
    When the Intel Z690 and Alder Lake processors launched there was a distinct shortage of components needed to build these products.  As a result, many of the more advanced and arguably “niche market” components got put into a time out so they could focus on volume sales and try to make some money during the global downturn.

    The approach that EVGA took was to focus on their core products and while their motherboards are great, they have always been an afterthought.  Hardcore EVGA enthusiasts know what to expect from an EVGA motherboard and will often go out of their way to pick one up.  Dennis will be the first to admit that down market boards often have annoying issues while the high-end boards performed flawlessly.

    For this round EVGA offered two motherboards with the Z690 chipset including the Classified and Dark.  Both of these boards were late to market with the latest to be available being the popular DARK.  In this segment we do a quick unboxing of the EVGA Z690 Dark, talk about the features and highlight some of the great things you can expect.

    Retro PC Subwoofer
    In the Podcast Extra Episode 138 we introduced a new project for Hardware Asylum that was targeted at the Retro PC projects on the Hardware Asylum YouTube channel. 

    In this segment we talk about the first prototype to be built which is a Isobaric 5” Subwoofer box built from ½” MDF and using a Lepia plate amplifier to deliver sound while passing line level signals to a set of Creative Gigaworks speakers.  Dennis talks about the build and highlights some of the issues he encountered when it came to testing the subwoofer vs what he was expecting from the modeling software.

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