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  • Using 3D Printing for Retro PC Projects
  • Using 3D Printing for Retro PC Projects


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 29:56

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    Originally recorded March 2023

    Show Notes

    In the Hardware Asylum Podcast Extra Episode 144 there was a new project announced that would retrofit some old Supra FaxModem with modern hardware to allow Retro PCs to get on the Internet.  Over the past month the project has been developing nicely to the point where everything has been built and tested for basic functionality.  The only thing left is to so the final assembly and get everything to fit inside the tiny aluminum shells.

    To help make this a reality Dennis has been building some 3D Printed parts that will hold all of the various components while also allowing the project to reuse some of the existing parts.  In the automotive world this would be called a “Restomod” where the outside looks exactly as it did from the factory but, the internals have been upgraded to reflect modern advances.  Modders of a certain “generation” like to use the word “Upcycle” to describe this process since you are technically saving something from being thrown away or recycled.

    In either instance, the final project should look no different from the original unless you know what your looking for.

    In this segment the duo talk about the 3D Printing process to make everything work along with many of the other challenges required to pull everything together.

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